Unified Sports Classification System

The classification was created in Soviet Union but even now it is popular in the former Soviet Union republics: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.
  • Elite:
    Elite Sportsman
  • IMS:
    International Master of Sports
  • MS:
    Master of Sports
  • CMS:
    Candidate Master of Sports
  • I:
    First Class Sportsman
  • II:
    Second Class Sportsman
  • III:
    Third Class Sportsman
  • I(j):
    Youth First Class Sportsman
  • II(j):
    Youth Second Class Sportsman
  • III(j):
    Youth Third Class Sportsman

Junior is a person who is not 18 years old.

Olympic Champions:

Elite, International Master of Sports, Master of Sports

National Champions:

Master of Sports, Candidate Master of Sports, First Class Sportsman

City-Level Champions:

First Class Sportsman, Second Class Sportsman, Third Class Sportsman, Youth First Class Sportsman

Keep in mind that these comparisons are only intended to serve as a general reference and do not provide an exact equivalence between the different ranking systems.